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During the next few days, with the expected continuing freezing temperatures, you must take immediate steps to prevent your home's water lines from freezing. Please read the following on prevention and what to do if they freeze.

During a freeze warning, is when many homes water lines will freeze during the day. If you did not leave pipes dripping, cabinets open and heat up, you're likely to have a unfortunate surprise.

  • Check that all outside foundation vents are in the closed position
  • Check that your crawl space access door is secure and tape edges if large gaps exist
  • Check that all windows are shut tightly and locked
  • Check that all hose pipes are disconnected from your home

With temperatures expected to be below freezing for a continuous 24 hours, your home no matter the amount of insulation, may experience frozen water pipes. Open cabinet doors and allow your faucet to drip when such faucets are on outside walls to reduce the chances of freezing. 

No matter whether they're on outside walls or not, with the temperatures expected to be single digits, you should still allow a faucet to drip because freezing of your outside water lines are also at great risk. Make sure outside hose pipes are disconnected from the house outside water lines and cover with an inexpensive foam cover.

If your home has freezing pipes resist the urge to apply a heating torch to those pipes. The threat of damaging pipes or causing an un-seen fire are too great a risk. Open the faucets affected by the freeze to relieve pressure and set up a UL approved space heater a safe distance away or contact a licensed plumber to assist.

Play it safe...frozen pipes are annoying and can become quite expensive if freezing and pipe bursts occur.