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How to Get Started

  • Contact us first to schedule an appointment for a NO-COST Design Consultation at your home. We’ll listen to you ideas and share some of our own.
  • Evaluate your design needs – Many home improvement projects do not require architectural drawings. We can help you answer that question.
  • Let us assist you with the design process by putting ideas into visual reality through CAD floor plans and 3D views, most provided at no cost to you.
  • CAD plans allow you to see it before it’s built and allow us to estimate you fixed price proposal.
  • We use an exclusive Estimating Program that was developed for us to achieve accurate results everytime.
  • Careful product selections are made, using cost effective sustainable products that will perform for years to come, along with efficient quality craftsmen.
  • Specifications – Leave no gray areas – they describe your home improvement down to the number of coats of paint.
  • The proposal lists our best price available as well as details of cost saving ideas for your consideration in an easy to understand format. We strive to inform you through every step to help you make an educated decision based on the facts.